Stop Albany’s 5G Roll-out

5G Day of Action – MAY 15th. Contact elected officials:

Honorable Kathy M. Sheehan, Mayor
Phone: (518) 434-5100, E-mail:

Honorable Joseph Igoe, Common Councilman – Ward 14
Phone: (518) 489-3014, Email:

Assemblymember Patricia Fahey

Senator Neil D. Breslin’s Office
Phone: (518) 455-2225,


The Issue:

Verizon is in the process of rolling-out its new 5G mobile service in Buckingham Lake. 5G is stronger than previous generations but it broadcasts over a shorter range, requiring a tower approximately every 500 feet which is why 60 of these new small-cell towers are going up throughout the BL neighborhood. Over 160 scientists worldwide have expressed concern about the potential health effects of this technology. Physicians have urged further research and politicians have called on the mobile phone companies to produce evidence that this technology is safe. Despite all of this, the mobile phone companies are forging ahead without regard to the legitimate concerns raised.

Why BL is the first Albany neighborhood to receive this technology we do not know, but we do know that at least 2 other mobile phone companies have submitted applications for similar roll outs in our neighborhood and the FCC has stripped localities of the ability to have a say in where these towers go and how much they can charge the mobile phone companies for rent. Many of the residents would like to learn more about this new (and untested) technology and have a say before the poles go up on our lawns and in front of our homes, especially given the potential for health risk and lower property values.

5G, which stands for fifth generation, is a mobile telecommunications service that promises significantly faster data transmission speeds and reduced latency over today’s 4G technology. 5G differs from its predecessors (3G, 4G) in that it utilizes a higher-frequency band of the wireless spectrum called millimeter wave. These millimeter wave signals do not travel as far; therefore, the new 5G networks will require many more (albeit smaller) antennas. Unlike current cell towers which can be placed miles apart, 5G will require antennas that are spaced on average every 500 feet.

Our Goals:

That the Common Council stop issuing permits for 5G towers immediately in order to give sufficient time for public comment and discussion

That the Mayor join with the more than 2 dozen other localities in a lawsuit against the FCC for its recently enacted rules governing the implementation of 5G equipment

That the poles that have been installed without receiving the necessary approval from residents and regulatory agencies be turned off immediately and removed if they are found to be in violation

If you agree, click here to sign our petition:

Stop Albany 5G Petition

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